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Screen Rooms Jacksonville

Have you ever sat outside and wished you could enjoy your patio or yard in a screen room Jacksonville without being bothered by insects and pests, or simply enjoy the sound of the rainfall without getting drenched?

Maybe you would love to start a crisp fall morning with your coffee listening to the sounds of nature in the fresh air.

Or perhaps you just want to add extra space to your home or increase its resale value, but don’t want to worry about a lot of maintenance and cleaning.

A screen room Jacksonville is the perfect solution

Say goodbye to those annoying insects — you’ll be able to enjoy spending as much time as you want outside without having to worry about bugs attacking you.

Colonial Construction is the leading screen room Jacksonville company in North Florida. If you are looking to add additional living space to your home in Jacksonville, St. Augustine or Nocatee contact our professional installers to get a free estimate.

Our screen rooms are a fun, innovative and cost-effective way to accommodate your home expansion needs and add value to your property.

Here are just some of the benefits of Jacksonville screen rooms:

  • Our screen rooms provide visibility without glare: Our materials, including extruded aluminum profiles and top quality vinyl-covered fiberglass screen, will provide owners with a glare-free view and visibility. Due to their strength and durability, our screens stay cleaner and do not sag like other materials. The aluminum frame will provide you with maximum durability over the life of your room.

  • Our screen room enclosures are practically maintenance free: Our porch and screen enclosures are made from materials that require little upkeep and remain durable for a lifetime. You’ll be free to enjoy your room and the outdoors, with no worries about maintaining and cleaning your screens and walls.

  • Our screen rooms can protect health and promote safety: Our screen rooms dramatically reduce the amount of direct UV light which you are exposed to, while still letting you enjoy the outdoors and having access to fresh air and natural light.

  • Our screen enclosures add value to your home: They give you more living space and square footage, while also increasing the estimated value of your house. Construction industry pros understand the cost of building a Screen Rooms Jacksonville, pool enclosures, and screen enclosures end up adding more value to your home in the long run.

Colonial Construction, serving the Jacksonville, Florida, area and with more than 25 years of experience in the screen room and home improvement construction industry, is dedicated to providing the very best service to our customers. We have extensive experience working with homeowners to determine the best options for your house. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are happy with your screened in room and satisfied with our service!

Our screened in patios and screen rooms have been researched, designed, and engineered for long life in the Jacksonville, Florida, climate. These properly designed screened patios and screened porches will retain their beauty, value, reliability, and low maintenance from the very first day the project is complete.

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